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Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Video Surveillance (CCTV)


EProcess does video well (You may click on each sample for the full image).

We help our clients to monitor employee & public theft, spot identity & credit fraud, and stop criminals & crime rings in an effort to protect employees and the public.

Broadway Overview

Our partners have included community organizations, c-stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hardware stores, clothing stores, oil terminals, pipelines, casinos, museums, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, car washes, new constructions, Fortune 100 companies, mom and pop stores, and a number of other industries.

Dollar for dollar, our video delivers exceptional quality for the price. Here are a few of the more common objectives and how we approach them:


Overview Picture

The objective of the Overview is to watch the overall flow and positioning of people, occupancy at tables, movement of servers, etc., and camera quality is selected for those purposes.





 General Views

General CoverageThe objective of General Coverage may entail more detail than the overview and is generally confined to more specific spaces.

Note that the camera's view has been limited to give more detail on what it is viewing and blocks out walls, etc., that are not relevant to the objective.



Street Views & Night Images

At times, street views are simply overviews.  At other times, detail is more important. Depending on the target, EProcess would configure the right solution to attain the level of quality necessary to view it.  These cameras have lead to the capture of a number of murderers, gang members, bank robbers and would-be child abductors.

Exterior Night Street View

POS & Counters

EProcess approaches POS and Counter views with 2 Objectives:  1) See as much detail as the budget permits from the best possible angles and vantage points and 2) Tie in POS and other data points to facilitate the isolation of exceptions.

In this example, the transaction for $1 was voided, and the money and product changed hands.  The client was notified with pictures before its customer left the register and received a link back to the video.

Register $1 & Water Bottle  Blow up of $1 & Water Bottle

License Plates

Click for Larger Image

EProcess has a few clever tricks when it comes to getting license plates at places like the pumps.  A crime ring attempted to hit this client.  Instead, every car, driver and license plate was recorded, and the crime ring was broken.  The ringleaders were arrested, the bank accounts and servers were seized, and the client received restitution.

CCTV System Cleanup

EProcess can use existing equipment to dramatically improve images.  This is an example of a low-quality system before and after we cleaned it up.  We often use existing equipment and add new equipment for better views of target areas.

Before:                                                              After: Before Video Images       After Video Images

Whatever your needs and/or budget, we will configure a system to meet them and be mindful of:

  • Video Image Quality

  • System Notifications

  • Remote Access

  • Equipment Reliability

  • Turnkey Solutions for Plug & Play

  • Optimal Performance

  • Integrate with Existing Equipment

    • POS

    • Identity

    • Databases

While anybody can hang a camera, we take pride in our work and give value to our customers.

Contact us at or 219-841-7908.
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