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EProcess does video well.  We have worked to monitor employee theft, spot identity fraud and stop crime rings.  We have worked with community organizations, c-stores, supermarkets, oil terminals, casinos, museums, warehouse, manufacturing facilities, car washes, new constructions and a number of other industries.  Dollar for dollar, our video delivers exceptional quality for the price.


System Clean-up

EProcess can use existing equipment to dramatically improve images.  This is an example of a low-quality system before and after we cleaned it up.  We often use existing equipment and add new equipment for better views of targets.


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Original camera views were 1) in wrong locations, 2) out of focus, 3) aimed at the wrong targets, 4) dirty and 5) flickering


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Existing equipment was 1) re-aimed, 2) focused, 3) cleaned and 4) re-connected to dramatically improve video quality.



We do images at registers very well, even when we have to re-configure existing equipment, and integrate POS data. Clients regularly get great images out of systems that have been running for 5 to 10 years.

Overview shot:

Detailed image at the register to spot and verify dubious financial transactions that might be criminal or affect inventory, etc.


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Exchange of $1 for a bottle of water took place but the transaction was voided.


Overview Inside or Outside

A Chicago policeman recently told a group of businesspeople that EProcess video is the best.  It makes a larger contribution to fighting crime than all the other systems combined.

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These cameras have identified faces of 1) murderers, 2) bank robbers, 3) child abductors, 4) gangs and 5) street criminals.


License Plates

Licence plates are one of our best practices, particularly when tied to POS.

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Polices used video from this camera to break a fuel theft crime ring. It lead back to everything, including the players, bank accounts and servers.


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Updated: April 21, 2014 — 1:00 pm

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