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Best Practices of Universal Commerce: Introduction

By John Sandberg

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Universal Commerce is aiming at your business!  What are the best practices to gain a competitive advantage?  How will brick and mortar retailers come out on top?


There are four (4) best practices that make Universal Commerce solutions stand out:

  1. Knowing VIP’s, as defined by their number of visits or sales dollars, and why they are important.  They alone can push sales growth rates into the double digits.  Plus, their information should be yours, not the property of a payment processor or a vendor! Nurture the relationship with VIP’s!
  2. Take the advantage away from major Universal Commerce retailers, whether brick & mortar or online, who are eyeing local business.  To succeed, they must be more convenient than you, take your VIP’s and get family and friends.  Do not just hand them over!
  3. Create an intuitive portal that works the way consumers live and think.  It would be described as quick and easy, and it empowers consumers to do business according to their preferences.  Plus, it works well for the company!
  4. Secure and protect VIP’s personal information.  Security is one of consumer’s biggest concerns.  Why not protect it?
We will be discussing these four (4) best practices over the next couple of weeks, starting with “Knowing VIP’s”.

Updated: April 7, 2014 — 12:13 pm

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